Bernd Rohrmann   (Roman Research Road venture, Melbourne, Australia)

The film about Hermann Hesse's parable "Die Stadt" {The City}, written in 1910,
based on Walter Schmoegner's illustrated edition, published in 1974,
was created in 2010 by Sabine Hoepfner in Hamburg (Germany),
in collaboration with Prof Franz Winzentsen (Stade/Germany)
and Prof Bernd Rohrmann (Melbourne/Australia),
who also contributed the audio-recording of the english text.

A brief section of this film is available here in Windows and mp4 formats
and should play in
all computers with media devices. Be aware though that
the film may not start immediately, because it is a large document.

Downloading this file is not permitted. If interested in pertinent motion pictures,
please contact the author & proprietor of this website, Prof Rohrmann.

Melbourne 18-05-11